Analysers On-Line is affiliated to the WADER Technology Demonstration Programme for environmental monitoring in South Africa

The Department of Science and Technology, in collaboration with the Water Research Commision, has established the Water Technologies Demonstration Programme to pull together the applied R&D and commercialisation stages of the water innovation continuum.

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Mobile Water Testing Laboratories

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The importance of monitoring the water quality of surface water, waste water and treated water is undesputed.  Numerous areas in Southern Africa have no established and/or accredited laboratory facilities at their disposal.  The consequence is that water quality is either not consistently monitored or samples have to be sent off to other laboratories, adding time delays.  

Mobile Laboratories will not only support municipalities and other organisations that need access to water testing facilities, but will also assist in providing crucial data on a more consistent and continuous basis from a wider geograpical area.  

Each Mobile Laboratory is specifically designed and equiped for the analysis requirements and specifications of the end user, and adapted to the geographical area of use.  Specialised laboratories to focus on Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) is also available.  Instrumentation is included in the fabrication process so once the station rolls off the manufacturing floor, it is a fully equiped and functional laboratory - ready for field use.  

Types of testing can include (but is not limited to):

  • Bacterial analysis including Total coliforms, E.coli, Vibrio, Salmonella and Shigella;
  • Physico-chemical analysis including pH, turbidity, conductivity, temperature;
  • Basic chemical analysis;
  • Biological Oxygen Demand;
  • Cyanobacteria;
  • Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons;
  • Microcystins;
  • Wet Chemical Methods which include titration, colorimetric, ISE and direct measurements;
  • Trihalomethanes;
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand;
  • Total Organic Carbon / Total Carbon;
  • Toxicity;
  • Trace / Heavy Metals in water and soil samples; 
  • etc...........

  Monitoring Solutions for:

  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Drinking water and water purification processes
  • Real time spillage and contamination detection
  • Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)
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