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Trace and Heavy Metal Analyzers

On-Line, At-Line, Portable and Laboratory heavy / trace metal analysis with our state of the art analyser systems.  

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All our VA Analyser systems use solid state electrodes to perform voltammetry for the analysis of metals in solution and soil samples.

Our trace metal product range includes the portable / laboratory PDV6000ultra and the two on-line, continuous systems: the OVA5000 and OVA7000. These systems are robust and perfectly suited to the harsh African environment. The systems can be operated by technicians in the field and laboratory, and is relatively low maintenance.  The portable, laboratory and online systems have a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and ease of use, enabling customers to monitor pollutant levels, optimise their processes, minimise damage to the environment and protect the health of employees and communities at large.

Applications include: 

  • Academic research
  • Monitoring at remote locations
  • Contaminated land remediation
  • Food and feed analysis
  • Tracing contamination back to source
  • Accidental contamination events
  • Monitoring of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, seawater
  • Industrial effluent monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring/natural attenuation
  • Wastewater recycling and WWTP influent monitoring
  • Drinking water intake and distribution


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Online Trace Metal Monitoring Systems

Automated Trace Metal Monitoring - OVA7000


Fully Automated On-Line monitoring is possible with our OVA7000, OVA7000 Dual Cell and OVA5000 Trace / Heavy Metal Analyser systems.  These fully automated on-line metal monitors enables municipalities, industries and environmental agencies to continuously determine the levels of trace metals in process streams, effluent discharges, rivers and potable water.

The OVA7000 has a built in PC, which can be controlled by a computer connected via Wi-Fi or LAN.  This external control prevents unauthorised users from making any changes.  The Analyser system is housed in a modular cabinet with a seperate reagent cabinet.  

The OVA7000 Analyzer system runs on low power 12V DC (or standard 90 - 260V AC), making it the ideal solution for remote locations.


Process Explained

In Voltammetry metals are drawn onto the working electrode when a specific voltage is applied to the water sample under test.  

When a stripping voltage is applied, the metals return to the sample solution, generating a small current.  Eash metal has a specific voltage at which it returns to solution.  So the metal is identified by its stripping boltage and the current generated indicates the concentration of metal in the sample.     

VA explained  


Limits of Detection


Metal Name


Ag Silver 5 μg/L
As (III) Arsenic (III) 10 μg/L
As (Total) Arsenic μg/L
Au Gold μg/L
Cd Cadmium 0.5 μg/L
Co Cobalt 10 μg/L
Cr (VI) Chromium (VI) 10 μg/L
Cr (Total) Total Chromium 10 μg/L
Cu Copper μg/L
Fe Iron 10 μg/L
 Hg Mercury
0.5 μg/L
Manganese μg/L
Mo Molybdenum μg/L
Ni Nickel μg/L
Pb Lead μg/L
Pd Palladium μg/L
Sb (III) Antimony (III) μg/L
Se (IV) Selenium (IV) 10 μg/L
Sn Tin μg/L
Te Tellurium 10 μg/L
Tl Thallium μg/L
U Uranium μg/L
Zn Zinc μg/L




Microtrace PDV - Portable Laboratory Metal Analyser

Measuring trace and heavy metals in water, soil and food has always been a vital part of modern environmental monitoring.  The Microtrace PDV offers excellent on-site characterisation of pollution hotspots and contamination sources.

Voltammetry offers an internationally accepted alternative to laboratory analysis or automatic samplers.

Modern Water’s tried and tested metal monitors have been market leaders for over twenty years. They provide an easy way to generate and store data, which allows real-time decision-making. Our PDV6000 ultra Analyser system has been upgraded to the New Microtrace PDV which offers a cost-effective monitoring solution for laboratory and field applications.  With the new tablet based android application, portability is increased.  The Analyser can also be connected to a computer with our powerful VAS software.

Microtrace PDV

The Microtrace PDV has been upgraded to allow much improved stand alone operation by utilising a new tablet computer app now included with the Analyser system.  The USB connector replaces the serial port.  The upgraded product can be run either on 4x 1.5V AA batteries, or from the mains using the standard 8-12V DC transformer. 

Key Features: 

  • A single instrument can be configred to measure up to 24 different metals. 
  • New tablet-based android app increases portability
  • Analyse in the lab or the field down to 0.5µg/L - below drinking water regulations for many target metals
  • Solid-state robust electrodes offers multi-year lifetimes and no hazardous elemental mercury. 
  • Higher sensitivity and less susceptible to interference than colorimetric methods.
  • Report generation capability with VAS software.
  • Correlation with laboratory methods (AAS, ICP-MS) but much lower capital and operating costs. 
  • 30 years of application development, validation studies and academic references.
  • Standalone field instrument - compact, light weight carrying case.
  • Speciation of selected metals.
  • AC or rechargeable battery for on-site use.
  • Immediate identification of problems.
  • Interactive sampling to locate and identify contamination sources.
  • Remediation decisions to be made onsite, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Larger number of sample points, improving site characterisation, cutting remediation costs. 

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Clean Water PDA and OVA Limits of Detection

Typical limits of detection for PDV and OVA monitors


Metal Name

PDV (portable analyser)

OVA (on-line analyser)

Ag Silver 0.5μg/l 5μg/l
As(III) Arsenic (III) 0.5μg/l 2μg/l
As(total) Arsenic 0.5μg/l 2μg/l
Au Gold 2μg/l  5μg/l
Bi Bismuth 2μg/l -
Cd Cadmium 0.5μg/l 0.5μg/l
Co Cobalt 10μg/l(1*) 10μg/l
Cr(VI) Chromium (VI) 5μg/l 10μg/l
Cr(total) Chromium  1μg/l 10μg/l
Cu Copper 0.5μg/l 1μg/l
Fe Iron 5μg/l 10μg/l
Hg Mercury 0.1μg/l 0.5μg/l
Mn Manganese 2μg/l 5μg/l
Mo Molybdenum 1μg/l* 1μg/l
Ni Nickel 5μg/l 2μg/l
Pb Lead 0.5μg/l 1μg/l
Pd Palladium 5μg/l 5μg/l
Sb(III) Antimony (III) 5μg/l 5μg/l
Se(IV) Selenium (IV) 5μg/l 10μg/l
Sn Tin 5μg/l 5μg/l
Te Tellurium 10μg/l 10μg/l
TI Thallium 2μg/l 0.5μg/l
U Uranium 1μg/l* 5μg/l
Zn Zinc 0.5μg/l 10μg/l

Limits vary with sample type. Typical clean water values are shown.

* using the LabCell method

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