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Portable / Laboratory Toxicity and Bio-contaminant detection

The Microtox FX Analyser system can perform a dual function; Toxicity Testing and Microbial Monitoring.  The Microtox FX system uses a strain of naturally occuring luminescent bacteria called Alivibrio Fischeri to provide acute toxicity detection.  The bacteria emit light as a natural part of their matabolism.  Exposure to a toxic substance cuases disruption of the respiratory process of the bacteria resulting in a reduced light output. 

For microbial detection, ATP testing is performed.  All organisms contain ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) as their main energy source.  The amount of ATP in a sample is directly proportional to the biomass of the sample.  ATP reacts with luciferin/luciferase, the enzyme system present in firefly tails, to produce light.  In the reaction, each molecule of ATP produces one photon of light.  The light output of this reaction can be accurately measured using the Microtox FX Analyser system. 

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Microtox FX


Modern Water Analysis


Modern Water is expert in the design, development and provision of analytical instruments and technologies for monitoring specific environmental contaminants in water, soil, food and industrrial process streams.



LuminUltra's 2nd Generation ATP kits provide fast, complete and accurate insight into microbiological activity.  Both portable and easy to use, the test kits provide an interference-free indication of total microbial quantity within minutes of sample collection.

LAR AG Water Analyzers

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LAR AG is the leading provider for water analysis instruments for waste water technology, process monitoring and pure water analysis.

Mobile Water Laboratory


We offer the customisation of Trailers to fully operational Field Stations. We have been appointed officially to the MOSA Project where we fabricated such stations for the South African Environment



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HORIBA provides measurement solutions for automotive, process, environmental, medical, semiconductor and scientific industry.
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