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Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) Detection

QuickChek SRB Detection System

The QuickChek SRB Detection System is a rapid enzyme immunoassay method that detects Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB).  The test employs purified antibodies to detect the enzyme adenosine-5-phosphosulfonate (APS) reductase which is common to all strains of SRB. 

The QuickChek SRB kits offer several advantages over cell culture techniques for SRB detection including immediate and accurate results.  The kit allows testing of liquid, solid and semi-solid samples, and detects all SRB's, including SRB that is unable to grow in some standard media.  The test results are not compromised by chemical or salinity interferences that are often found in field samples. 

The test kit is completely self-contained and disposable.  Each kit includes all necessary materials to detect and enumerate SRB's.  There is no need for pretreatment or dilution of samples and there are no special hazardous waste disposal limitations.  Test kits are available in 10 pack and 100 economy pack sizes. 

Results are available in 8-10 minutes. 

SRB Kits

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