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EnviroGard® Microcystins Plate Kit

EnviroGard® is a rapid laboratory enzyme immunoassay method used for the analysis of water samples.  It uses a plate technology to detect the analyte of concern. 

 Microcystin Plate Kit

Rapid Laboratory Testing method for the determination of Microcystins and Nodularins in drinking and environmental water samples.  This method conforms to ISO standards for environmental immunoassays such as ISO 15089. 

The method offers excellent analytical precision with fully quantitative data results.  One kit can test up to 88 samples at once for increased cost and efficiency. 

Results are available in approximately 120 minutes and is ideal for source water monitoring. 

 Compound  50% B/Bo
 Microcystin - LR  0.31
 Microcystin - RR  0.32
 Microcystin - YR  0.38
 Microcystin - LA  4.00*
 NODLN  0.47
 *MDL is 1.5 ppb  
 +27 (0)11 827-0370